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Snow Dogs Public Education Booth


 During the February 15 -17, 2002 Plum Creek/CKC shows, DSA sponsored a public education booth about snow dogs.  This was done to provide good information to the public in the hopes of helping to offset a mass purchase of ‘snow dogs’ (as a result of the Disney movie) which could have a serious impact on rescue groups later in the year.

  Members of DSA, the Columbine Country Malamute Club and the Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club participated by bringing brochures and staffing the booth.  During peak times on Saturday and Sunday we had dogs from all three breeds at the booth for the public to meet and learn about.  We had brochures and posters on each breed, a poster with a comparison of the breeds, a cautionary poster for anyone considering acquiring any of these breeds, and handouts of all the posters.  Public attendance was better than expected since we were located in the agility building.  The booth was advertised in several places in the main exhibition building.

Click on the following links to display the handouts DSA created for this event:

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

So You Think You Want a Snow Dog?


Siberian Husky

Alaskan Malamute

Snow Dog Breed Comparison



Also, a member of the High Country Newfoundland Club asked DSA to participate in a carting demo, which took place on Sunday before Best of Breed.  Several Bernese Mountain Dogs and Newfoundlands pulled carts and lined up in the ring and then the finale was Jane Reller’s Sydney and Cooper in lead, and Deb Castro’s Thunder and Lightning at wheel pulling Jane’s Grizzly cart around the ring and then leading everyone around the ring a final time and then outside the ring.  The crowd seemed to really enjoy the demo and we received many nice comments.  Many thanks to Deb Castro for providing her dogs, staying late, and running with the dogs to guide them around the ring.  Also, thanks to Mardee Ward-Fanning who stumbled upon us as we were preparing to go in and helped us get the dogs rolling into the ring and then helped us cart back to the grooming area.                (What a wild ride that was!)

To learn even more about the Samoyed breed click here!

Jane Reller - 2002 DSA Public Education Committee Chairperson



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