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Ways & Means


   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
1/15/01 P Use $250 from DSA's share of the raffle account to purchase gift certificates to be used as raffle items at the 2001 Regional Specialty. M
1/20/00 P Take remaining raffle money and purchase an adult stained glass Samoyed head for raffle at the 2000 Specialty. M
11/20/95 P Sell the colored DSA tees for $12 each M
9/18/95 P Club tee shirts (white, M, L, and XL) will be sold for $10, and XXL be sold for $12. M
8/25/93 P Purchase $1200 of long-sleeved and Two-Toned T-Shirts - "Samoyeds Give the Best Hugs". B
4/16/93 P Hold first two training classes at Highlands Ranch. Classes are on Thurs. eve at 6:30PM for 45 min. at a cost of $3 for your first dog and $1 for ea. additional dog. M
1/18/93 P Participate in the King Snoopers gift certificate program and that all proceeds are donated to the club M
10/16/89 P Funds from the sale of the sweatshirts shall go to the club fund. M
10/16/89 P Profits from the sale of the sweatshirts stated to go to the ['91 National] Specialty fund should instead go to the club funds as originally intended. B
8/21/89 P Order 100 sweatshirts ["Samoyeds Give the Best Hugs"] plus whatever number the club membership orders tonight, at a cost of $12 to club members and $15 to non-member; Karen chooses an assortment of colors an sizes for the 100 non-member shirts ordered. M
7/17/89 P The word "Samoyeds" rather than "Sammies" should be used on t-shirts. M
7/17/89 P Profits from t-shirts should be donated toward the 1991 National Specialty and not toward the club. (FYI - In addition to $500 already donated). M



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