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   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
3/16/09 P DSA will not allow advertising in the Sam-O-Gram newsletter M
11/19/01 P Purchase [renew] the domain name,, for 5 years at $125. M
8/20/01 P Purchase a digital camera for the club, to help document club events (like Specialty Match winners, Tournament winners, Sammy Heritage day), photograph rescue dogs for inclusion on web sites and newsletter and spice up the newsletter with candid shots of the membership! The cost of the camera will not exceed $450 and the expense will be split evenly between General and Rescue Funds. Part of the money may be pulled from the Raffle account since this money must be used by the year end. M
1/18/99 P Sell space in Sam-O-Gram to 2001 specialty for $1/ year to notify club members of progress. M
1/19/98 P Increase Sam-O-Gram subscription rate to $10 from $7.50. M
1/19/97 P For members who are unable to attend meetings and choose to have the Sam-O-Gram mailed to them, there will be a $7 annual fee; and for non-members who wish to subscribe to the Sam-O-Gram, the subscription rate will be $10 annually. There will be no fee for and exchange of bulletins with another club. If members are infrequently unable to attend meetings, let's allow three free Sam-O-Grams to be mailed to these individual, for the months of Jan - Dec of each year. M
5/20/96 P Publish letters received from the Rescue families in the Sam-O-Gram M
5/21/90 P We will continue to print the Sam-O-Gram monthly. M
3/14/90 P Since we are going to have quarterly Sam-O-Grams, anybody who orders the Sam-O-Gram to be mailed to them, also will receive in the mail a copy of the monthly minutes, unless they are in attendance at the club meetings. B
7/17/89 P A $25 advance be given to the Secretary for secretarial duties, including mailing of the Sam-O-Grams. B
1/16/89 P Also publish in Sam-O-Gram weight pull, obedience and race results M
1/16/89 P Make up a form to include nationwide conformation results for local dogs and owners to post in the Sam-O-Gram with a minimum of space. M
7/18/88 P We subscribe to Match and Show Review and have it sent to the [Sam-O-Gram] Editor. M
6/20/88 P Deb Hansen will take over the photo copying of the Sam-O-Gram for a donation of $30.00 per month. M
4/18/88 P When the club as a whole suggest a letter be written for the club, it will be published in the Sam-O-Gram M
2/15/88 P We send Jean Brown [she is physically unable to attend meetings] the current copy of the Sam-O-Gram and any back issues that are available. M
2/1/88 P Once a member is voted into the DSA, a package will be given to them to include the SCA code of ethics and pertinent club information. B
1/13/88 P Cease printing the show results in the Sam-O-Gram in order to decrease the length and weight and therefore the mailing cost. B
1/13/88 R Increase the annual dues for 1989 to cover the cost of printing the Sam-O-Gram. B
6/15/87 P Submit a full page ad including our logo, a listing of the officers and of the membership. M
6/15/87 P We have a "wanted and for sale" page in our Sam-O-Gram. Send information for this to the Secretary or the Editor. M
3/16/87 P A membership roster will be printed annually and updated via the Sam-O-Gram M
2/16/87 P Each chairperson needs to take responsibility to contact each member of their committee. Please let either the President or Secretary know when each committee will meet. If committees plan on correspondence by phone, this plan needs to be stated. not be submitted. Barks and Growls will be in the minutes of the meeting. M



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