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   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
12/20/04 P Proceeds for the holiday party raffle will be given to DSR M


Pay $500 for the heartworm treatment for Ice (now Jester) a rescue dog that was recently placed.   He is 18 months old and both our vet and the adoptive families vet consider him an excellent candidate for the treatment.  He is not showing any clinical signs of the disease.

4/15/02 P Accept the DSR logo printed in the April Sam-O-Gram. View DSR logo. M
9/17/01 P After the tragedy last week in NY and DC we donate $100 from DSA and $100 from DSR to be sent to Search and Rescue organization and the shelters taking in homeless dogs. This is to be divided equally between S&R and an organization helping the homeless dogs in NYC. M
8/20/01 P Purchase a digital camera for the club, to help document club events (like Specialty Match winners, Tournament winners, Sammy Heritage day), photograph rescue dogs for inclusion on web sites and newsletter and spice up the newsletter with candid shots of the membership! The cost of the camera will not exceed $450 and the expense will be split evenly between General and Rescue Funds. Part of the money may be pulled from the Raffle account since this money must be used by the year end. M
7/16/01 P The Sammy Rescue committee seeks approval to purchase a grooming table for B-G Kennels to recognize their extraordinary care and service* that they provide to our rescue dogs. The expense will not exceed $300 dollars and will come from the Rescue fund. B
6/19/00 P Give tribute of $100 to Sammy Angels in memory of Bernice Helinski M
4/20/98 R Donate the remaining '98 DSA Local Specialty 16 soft slip collar trophies to DSR M
1/19/98 P Pay Katelyn McFarlane, Duchess' adoptive owner, $192 to cover part of the surgery costs and return of the rescue adoption fee. M
5/20/96 P Publish letters received from the Rescue families in the Sam-O-Gram M
11/20/95 P Revision: Invite all our rescue owners to the ('95) DSA Christmas party. M
11/20/95 A Invite the Chiniski family to our Christmas party and offer them a free 1 year DSA membership M
7/19/93 P Place an ad for $15 in the Rocky Mountain News for Rescue Samoyeds M
4/16/93 R Club pay for food and medical bills for a dog that comes available that needs to be placed. (FYI - Lorrie McAllister, Chris Maslin-Cole, Tammy Holley, Mary Powell and Tracy Wollenweber will meet and develop structure for possible Sammy Rescue) M



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