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Motions To Date - Category View



   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
11/20/00 R Propose the purchase of the Economy Breed National Samoyed Specialty Tapes K9 TV on a yearly basis M
4/17/89 P We purchase the "Dog Steps" video to have in our library. M
6/20/88 P We donate a copy of the Illustrated Standard to Blue Springs library. M
6/20/88 P We donate the "New Complete Samoyed" to the Blue Springs library. M
1/13/88 P Purchase the "AKC Show and Obedience Trial Manual" for $6. B
9/16/87 P [AKC Sanctioning] The Secretary will request a check from the Treasurer, in order to purchase a Show Manual for the DSA. B
5/18/87 P Rule set by the Library Committee: Check out will be by a card system for one month. There will be a 1 month extension for unreturned books. Two months after check out there will be a $5 charge upon return of the book. The third month after check out, you may return it paying a fine, replace the book, or pay for the book. A rubber stamp with "Denver Samoyed Association, Inc." will be used to identify our books. M
3/16/87 P Subscribe to the Samoyed Quarterly, annually M
3/16/87 P Let the Historian/Librarian committee make the final determinations of fines and library privileges. M
3/16/87 P Books be loaned for one month, from meeting to meeting and that if they are not returned, the borrower will be fined. Amendment: The fine to be $5 per month. M
3/16/87 P We purchase the AKC tape of the Samoyed standard for our library. M
2/16/87 P We should donate books to our library in memory of certain dogs or people M



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