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Motions To Date - Category View



   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
8/15/11 P Ballots should be prepared prior to voting by the President or someone the President assigns. M
8/15/11 P Voting for judges be a ballot and NOT hand raising. M
8/15/11 P Club follow the Repeat Balloting procedure[reference example in November 2011 Sam-O-Gram] for the voting on judges only. M
4/18/11 P Voting on Judges for 2012 Fall Local Specialty:
Breed Judges
1. Karen McFarland (Y - 6, N - 4)
2. Sakura Moses (Y - 9, N - 2)
3. Lea Benson (Y - 4, N - 6)
Puppy/Veteran Sweeps
1. Mary Elliot (Y - 9, N - 1)
2. Scooter Neiman (Y - 7, N - 3)
3. Margaret Thornton (Y - 9, N - 1)
Working Sweeps
1. Don Duncan (Y - 10, N - 1)
2. Lorrie McCallister (Y - 12, N - 0)
3. Brenda Abbott (Y - 4, N - 5)
1. Carol Evans (Y - 8, N - 1)
2. Pat Maynard (Y - 9, N - 0)
4/16/10 P Voted on 2011 Specialty Judges.

This is the order of the judges that were voted and approved by the membership.
Bill Lee
Kathy Horton
Robin Barkhaus
Mary Kistner

Working Sweepstakes:
Linda Von Hannikan-Marten
Cheryl Lundin
Pam Landers
Judith Goodin
Helen Lee James
Ron Menaker
3/16/09 R Nominations for 2010 judges: Martha made a motion to use one judge for puppy, veteran and working sweeps. M
4/17/06 P Designated Specialty 2007. Officially nominated and approved Heidi Nieman to judge Puppy and Veterian Sweeptakes M
3/20/06 P Nomination for 2007 Local Specialty Judge: Motion made to postpone nominations until Specialty is approved. M
6/19/00 P Choose Judge then alternate for 2002 DSA Local Specialty then the judges would be contacted for availability. M
6/21/99 P 2001 Local Specialty Judges were voted in: Sweepstakes - Julie Beatty, Working Sweepstakes - Lana McClellan, Regular Class - Bettie Linnenger Obedience - J J Ham M
6/21/99 R Hold on the voting [for 2001 Judges Local Specialty] until show chairman [named]. M
4/20/98 P 2000 Local Specialty Judges were voted in: Sweepstakes - Katherine Metter, Working Sweepstakes - Kent Dannen, Regular Class - Don Hodges, Obedience - Nancy Pollack M
4/20/98 R Limit club members to two Local Specialty judge nominations, per category. M
3/16/98 P If the 1999 Local Specialty Regular Class Judge cancels prior to the Specialty, DSA will pick the replacement all-breed judge from the PCKC/CKC judge's panel. M
1/19/98 P 1999 Local Specialty Judges were voted in: Sweepstakes - Lorrie McAllister, Working Sweepstakes - Connie Rudd, Regular Class - Madeline Fish, Obedience - Carol Joy Everett M
10/22/97 P Starting with the Local Specialty Judge Selection for year 2000,we will nominate in March 1998, and will vote in April 1998.Subsequent Local Specialty Committees will follow this monthly schedule for nominations and voting, for the relevant years involved. M
10/22/97 P We will begin taking nominations for 1999 Local Specialty Judges in November. Motion amended to include: The corresponding vote will be held January 1998. M
9/15/97 R We will hold a drawing, each year to determine our DSA Specialty Sweepstakes Judge and that the drawing be made up of only interested DSA club members. Two names shall be drawn - first name being the Sweeps judge, second name is the alternate. DSA members who have judged in the past and in future DSA Specialties will be eliminated from future drawings. Alternateís names will be returned to the next drawing if they choose and did not judge at the Specialty. This drawing will continue until no more names of interested DSA members exist. The drawing will be audited to ensure that all eligible and interested DSA members names have been included. The drawing should be held at the March meeting, a year in advance. M
9/15/97 P When choosing DSA Local Specialty judges, the traditional method of Robertís Rules of Order will be followed. Robertís Rules of Order states the first person on the list, who receives a majority vote is the selected winner, and it ends the voting. M
9/15/97 P When choosing DSA Local Specialty judges, the traditional method of Robertís Rules of Order will be followed. The listed order of the nominees are then determined by a drawing from a hat. Robertís Rules of Order states the first person on the list, who receives a majority vote is the selected winner, and it ends the voting. (FYI - this should have been an amendment to previous motion). M
9/15/97 R Club members who have previously judged Sweepstakes, are ineligible from being nominated, if other club members are interested in judging. M
8/18/97 P From now on, the club will secure Local Specialty Judgesí assignments, 2 years in advance. M
8/18/97 P Beginning in 1999, alternate judges for Local Specialty shows for regular and non-regular classes, excluding sweepstakes, between Breeder and All-Breed judges. The 1999 Local Specialty judge will be an All-Breed judge. M
8/18/97 R Setup a procedure for picking Local Specialty Sweepstakes Judges every other year from interested club members. Alternating years they would be chosen by nomination and majority club vote. M
5/20/96 P Limit the expense for the obedience judge to $175.00 M
5/20/96 P Vote on 1st and 2nd choice for obedience judges for [Local] Specialty. M
4/15/96 P Continue to take judge nominations for Obedience and Working Sweepstakes and postpone voting on these two categories until next month. M
3/18/96 P To vote on the nominees for '97 (Breeder) Judges for the [Local] Specialty. M
1/16/92 P Prepare Hospitality Baskets for Breeder Judges at All-Breed Shows. Motion was amended to include a limit of $25.00 maximum on the cost of the basket and it be limited to Colorado shows. M
4/17/89 P We limit the amount of this gift pack to $25. M
4/17/89 P We send a gift pack of some kind to visiting Breeder Judges. M
4/17/89 R The club shall host a gathering for Breeder Judge Karen McFarland. M
3/9/87 P [Entertainment for out-of-town breeder judges] DSA will not set a policy for entertaining breeder judges. B



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