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Accept DSA Nomination Slate of 2012 Officer and Board members: President - Sue Wangerin, Vice President - Rachel Paulson: Treasurer - Thalia Peletis, Recording Secretary: Margaret Hoover, Corresponding Secretary - Martha Lageschulte, Board Members - Jan Cherne, Donna Dannen, Julie Morris, Chris Stewart




Members have accepted the 2011 Slate of Officers and Board Members
President: Julie Morris
Vice-President: Rachel Paulson
Recording Secretary Margaret Hoover
Corresponding Secretary Michael Prewitt
Treasurer Tom Lisec
Board Members: Chris Stewart, Lana McClellan, Jan Cherne and Mary Lloyd




Accept the 2010 DSA Nomination slate as it stands. President: Lori Elvera, Vice-President: Katherine Metter, Recording Secretary: Thalia Peletis, Corresponding Secretary: Michael Prewitt; Treasurer: Tom Lisec, Board Members: Martha Lageschulte, Sue Wangerin, Chris Stewart, Mary Lloyd




DSA accepts Michael Prewitt as our new corresponding secretary to fill in the role that Jane Reller had held before her passing. Michael was Jane's husband.




Any person seeking an office or board position with DSA must attend a mini- mum of six (6) membership meetings. If five (5) or less meetings are attended they may be asked to resign effective immediately.


5/19/03 P Linda Kitzman is nominated to the board [to replace Nancy Golden who resigned due to other personal commitments]. B
11/15/99 P Accept the 2000 Slate of Officers and Board Members as written. (President - Carol Beatty. Vice President - Carolyn Bateman. Rec Sec - Steve Baugh. Corresponding Sec - Martha Lageschulte. Treasurer - Julie Beatty. Board: Linda Kitzman, Bob Sencenbaugh, Thalia Peletis, Mary Lloyd). M
11/16/98 P Vote in 99 DSA Officers and Board as presented M
11/16/98 P Accept the nominated 99 DSA Officers and Board slate as presented and vote on it in its entirety M
11/20/95 P Elect 1996 DSA Officers by acclamation M
9/18/95 P To cease nominations from the floor for '96 Officers/Board members M
11/21/94 P That the following be elected as officers and directors for 1995:Sterling Clark - President, Martha Lageschulte - Vice President, Carolyn Bateman - Treasurer, Sue Wangerin - Corresponding Secretary, Deb Castro - Recording Secretary, Brenda Abbott, Linda Kitzman, Heidi Nieman and Julie West - Directors M
11/17/86 R We postpone the election to mail ballots to all members to be counted and announced at the December meeting. M
10/20/86 P At the November meeting, election of officers will be held by private, written ballot. The ballot will list nominees in alphabetical order. Each member will have one vote for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Board member offices. M



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