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   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
1/18/99 P Include in the March SCA Bulletin an advertisement to list the SCA + AKC awards/titles and National specialty wins for the previous calendar year that club members have received in the previous calendar year. The advertisement will be placed each year and budgeted annually. M
11/18/96 P Julie Beatty to draft a letter to the Flatiron and Evergreen Kennel Clubs on behalf of Denver Samoyed Association expressing concern about the ring conditions and their lack of flexibility to move the show rings outside, weather permitting. Also their lack of consideration for handicapped persons. The letter will be signed by DSA Board members M
4/9/96 P Purchase letterhead with the new DSA logo, 500 each - letterhead and envelopes, costing approximately $70. B
9/19/94 P Place an ad in the Bulletin highlighting how well the Colorado dogs did at the National. M
7/19/93 P Place an ad in the SCA Souvenir Booklet. M
1/18/93 P If individuals would like to write letters to the SCA board in favor or against the way judges would are selected at the National they should do so, but that we would not be sending any correspondence at this time as a club. M
5/15/89 R Club to write a letter to the State Legislature expression our view on how to handle vicious dog legislation. M
10/17/88 P [Samoyed Standard Revisions] We as a club recommend to Brenda (SCA Representative) to accept the revisions to include all duplications. M
4/18/88 P When the club as a whole suggest a letter be written for the club, it will be published in the Sam-O-Gram M
4/18/88 P [Response to book entitled "Perfect Puppy" Samoyed personality/temperament seems inaccurate] Our club Secretary will review the material and write the letter to the authors explaining that we take exception to their description of the Samoyed. Similar information should be sent to the SCA. M
2/1/88 P Print 500 sheets of stationery using our club logo for the letterhead. B



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