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   Result (R):             P = Passed, R = Rejected, T = Tabled, A = Amended, W = Withdrawn

   Proposed To (P T): B = Board,   M = Membership


R Motion P T
8/15/11 P Voting for judges be a ballot and NOT hand raising. M
8/15/11 P Ballots should be prepared prior to voting by the President or someone the President assigns. M
8/15/11 P Club follow the Repeat Balloting procedure[reference example in November 2011 Sam-O-Gram] for the voting on judges only. M
7/18/11 T The club changes their voting method from the current method to one of popular majority. [Example, when voting on Specialty Judges]. M
4/18/11 T Club changes their voting method from the current method to one of popular majority M
11/17/03 P Change our by-laws so that honorary members will not have voting rights M
11/17/03 P Change Article III, Section 1 to notifications of meetings will be mailed to each member. [Membership agreed this can be interpreted as e-mail or regular mail, based on member's preference] M
11/17/03 P Change Recording Secretary (Section IV, Section 2c) to include the statement that this person shall also perform the duties pertaining thereto in accordance with these bylaws. M
9/15/03 P Accept the [DSA] revised bylaws. [Membership unanimously approved]. M
8/18/03 P

Vote on the revised bylaws with the changes [below] at the September meeting.


The following articles of the proposed by-laws were discussed:

Article IX – Dissolution

Concern was expressed that as currently written, since rescue is a committee of the club, that the rescue funds would be donated to a charitable organization and not to an organization that would allow the current rescue group to continue operation.  Discussion was held that:  (1) a time frame (not less than 30 days) be included which would allow interested parties to file the appropriate paperwork to become a separate non-profit organization and thus be allowed to receive these funds, and (2) we include non-profit organization as an option for distribution of the funds.  In addition, it was agreed that a 2/3 majority of the members present at the final dissolution meeting of the club decide where any and all club money would be distributed after all debts, taxes, etc. of the club were paid.  The exact wording will be published in the Sam-O-Gram.


Article II – Membership

Section 3.  Election to Membership

Concern was expressed that as it appears 2 associate members would be allowed to sponsor another member.  It was agreed that we would change the wording to include 2 voting members.  The corrected version will be printed in the Sam-O-Gram.

6/16/03 P The 2003/2004 goal will be continue to work on our financial situation (non-profit, revision of constitution and bylaws) and reprise the Sammy Heritage Days for our veteran dogs. M
7/15/02 P Constitution committee comprised of the Board and any other interested members was approved. Tom Lisec - Chair. B
6/17/02 P 2002 Club Goal : To get the club’s structural and financial foundation upgraded. M
6/19/00 P An annual achievement awards will be given at the December meeting, inducting people into the DSA Hall of Fame. They would be awarded a plaque and an option to receive the Sam-O-Gram. The criteria include: Somebody who is no longer a member, has made a significant contribution to the club, and follows the SCA code of ethics. Members can nominate persons in October for selection by the board. B
4/17/00 T An annual achievement awards will be given at the December meeting, inducting people into the DSA Hall of Fame. They would be awarded a plaque and an option to receive the Sam-O-Gram. The criteria include: Somebody who is no longer a member, has made a significant contribution to the club, and follows the SCA code of ethics. Members can nominate persons in October for selection by the board. B
11/15/99 P Establish an honorary, non-voting membership, for outstanding DSA participation. The board of directors shall select candidates and standard guidelines for candidates to be approved by the club membership. M
6/16/97 R Increase dues for 1999 to $20 - individual, $25 - family, $7.50 - junior. M
6/16/97 P The motion was made in the 04/21/97 membership meeting. The motion stated the new dues for 1998 would be $15 -individual, $20 - family, $5 - junior. M
8/29/92 P Amend the club's constitution as follows: changes in bold) Article I, Section 3 - election to membership shall be voted upon by secret ballot. Article I, Section 5 - Delete this section which required records of dog ownership, breeding activity, and show participation for preceding 3 years with dues payment. Article II, Section 1 - Meetings of the club shall be held in the greater Denver area or at such other places as designated by the board. Delete "or at such other places." Article III, Section 1 - The Board shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) other persons all of whom shall be elected for one(1) year terms as provided by Article IV. Change to "The Board shall be comprised of the officers and four other person, all of whom shall be "members in good standing and all of whom shall be elected…" M
3/19/92 P Amend the constitution to be in conformance with AKC desires as follows: Article I, Section II, in first paragraph change MARCH to JANUARY, change JANUARY to NOVEMBER, and in second paragraph change SEPTEMBER to JULY. Article I, Section IV, delete last sentence which reads" Dues submitted without this information will not be accepted." Article II, Section I, in first sentence change "designated by the members" to "designated by the board" and delete "for special occasions". Article II, Section III, second sentence, add "Corresponding Secretary" in lieu of just "Secretary". M
3/18/91 P Junior Membership age be changed to ten (10) from thirteen (13). M
3/18/91 P Change wording on Article I, Section I on Junior Membership : "This Status will be accorded to anyone between ten(10) and seventeen(17) years of age, who is duly elected. Upon reaching the age of eighteen (18), a junior member in good standing shall become an individual member. Junior members shall hold no offices or chairmanships, and are ineligible to vote. M
3/18/91 P Change wording from Secretary to Recording Secretary in Article I, Section III, fifth paragraph of the by-laws. M
11/15/90 P Annual fee for Junior Membership would be $3.50 B
7/16/90 P Amendments to DSA by-laws approved as read except: Article III, Section I, "The Board will consist of 4 other persons in addition to the elected officers." M
1/15/90 P Amendments be added as an addendum to the current constitution and copies made available to all club members at the next meeting M
9/15/88 P Divide the responsibilities of the secretarial position into a Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. B
4/20/87 P [President re-emphasized that family membership is for 2 individuals 18 years or older who have voting privileges. Junior members are between the ages of 13 and 18 and will have no voting privileges nor are they able to hold office. This membership is available to encourage young people to become members.] Motion: The DSA constitution be accepted in its entirety as written and dated 04/27/87. M
3/16/87 P [Membership] The people receiving letters regarding lapse of membership application only, should receive another letter stating they are still members and need to submit payment of dues within 30 day of receipt of the letter. M
3/9/87 P Anyone not in compliance with submitting dues and/or application, receive formal notification that their membership has lapsed. (Not allowed to stand, since it supersedes the constitution). B
3/9/87 P [Members of CSC and/or DMSC outside the CO area] In accordance with out interpretation of AKC regulations, only people who are within driving distance and attend meetings of the DSA are eligible for membership. B
3/9/87 P [Honorary Members] Members over the age of 70, who have been active members for at least 10 years, will retain voting privileges, but their dues will be paid by the DSA. B
2/16/87 P [Constitution] Taking into consideration AKC's suggestions for change, Nancy Secretary] should present changes to the Board and allowed the Board the final decision for how the constitution is to read. M
11/17/86 P Correct the constitution's by-laws, Article IV, Section III to read: Elections will be held at the November meeting by those members present, with new officers taking office the following January. M
10/20/86 P At the November meeting, election of officers will be held by private, written ballot. The ballot will list nominees in alphabetical order. Each member will have one vote for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Board member offices. M
9/15/86 P Accept the draft of the constitution as corrected in the meeting. M
9/15/86 P The new name for the club will be Denver Samoyed Association M
8/18/86 P Adopt the AKC constitution as much as possible as this would help in getting sanctioned M
8/18/86 P The club be incorporated with the temporary name of Mile-Hi Samoyed Club until we get a permanent name. M
8/18/86 P A 60 day time limit be placed on the completion of the constitution and after this 60 days max time period the open membership would be closed and the permanent officers and the name of the club be finished. M



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