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   When and Where


Monday, Feb 19,  2018 7:00 PM


Natural Grocers

4900 Kipling Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


2018 Calendar of Events

will be posted soon!


Contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) & club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

   Upcoming Program

No programs scheduled

   Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Discuss DSA contribution to National Specialty Trophy Fund. In the past it was voted on that the contribution would be $100. For 1year DSA approved a $300 amount, which was the amount contributed for a couple years. For 2017 we went back to $100. I would like to make a motion that allows the board to make a year to year determination going forward, based on the financial health of the club, to determine an amount not to exceed $300 for contribution to the SCA National Specialty Trophy Fund.

Discuss DSA voting Procedure for DSA specialty judges. We will be discussing the current method of voting vs. a popular vote method also accepted in Roberts Rules of order, and utilized by our SCA and many other regional clubs for their specialties.

Discuss the possibility and interest in DSA and friends hosting the 2021 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty. DSA host a local stand alone specialty, and we are quite successful based on feedback from exhibitors. As we’ve learned, it takes a village (DSA Club members) to put our Specialty on every year, and the task of hosting a National Specialty will require contributions for all our members to make it a successful show.

Finalize / Fill 2018 Committee Chair positions.

We need a minimum of nine (9) voting members present at this meeting for a quorum.

s Meeting Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes  – 11/20/2017

Attendees:  Donna Dannen, Thalia Peletis, Lori Elvera, Pam Buhl, Terry Walb, Marnie Grube, Sydney Langner, Martha Lageschulte, Scooter Nieman, Julie Morris, JoDee Putnins, Rachel Paulson and Linda Kitzman

Meeting was called to order at 6:57 pm by President, Pam B.

Presidents report, Pam: None. 

Vice Presidents report, Sydney: Second reading of membership application for

Christie & Blake Henrickson for associate membership.  Unanimously approved as members. 

Recording Secretary report, Heidi:   None

Corresponding Secretary report, Lori:  Forwarded several emails from AKC to the membership.

Treasurers report, Thalia:   Balances were read to the membership.

Board members reports:  None

Agility 2018, Terry: Everything is all set for the trial in January.

Breeder Referral, Pam: Lots of inquiries

Cheer, JoDee:  Nothing to report.  Lori asked to send a “thinking of you” card to GJ Harper, her dad has been in the hospital.

Historian, Donna:  None

Local 2017 Specialty:  Some basic setup will be completed on Wednesday, ring and hospitality setup on Friday,  JoDee will open/lockup building.

Rescue, Thalia: Officially accepted into PACFA.

Old Business:
Terry – talked to someone about a herding clinic/instinct, was told to contact again in the spring.

Local Specialty 2018- Waiting to hear from one of the sweeps judges.

Sign up form for Holiday dinner.

Pam inquired if there were any additional nominations from the floor for 2018 Officers and Board of Governors.  Terry nominated JoDee to serve on the Board of Governors, JoDee Accepted nomination.   

Officers and Board of Governors as of 1/1/2018:
President: Pam Buhl, Vice President: Sydney Langner, Corresponding Secretary: Lori Elvera, Recording Secretary: Heidi “Scooter” Nieman, Treasurer: Thalia Peletis, Board of Governors: Jan Cherne, Martha Lageschulte, JoDee Putnins and Terry Walb.

New Business:

Thalia had an idea for Obedience/Rally challenge.  Trying to encourage new people to attend.  There is a trial on January 13-15.  Suggestions of a website called Trainem Tasks and App called PocketRally.  Also, member’s occasionally try to meet and have their own practice sessions.

Barks & Growls:

Martha –Andi Mast received the Bob & Dolly aWard at the National!

Linda – Ulfi took Bob & Group 3 in Pueblo

Jan & Julie- GCH Cloudnine Rocky Brewed At 5280 was BOB at SCKC judge George Marquis, SD at SCKC judge Don Evans and then BOB to earn his Grand Championship at Colorado Springs Kennel Club under judge David Smartwood

Meeting adjourned @ 7:55PM




Board of Directors Meeting:

Meeting called to order at 7:56PM by Pam Buhl

The board meeting for January has been scheduled for January 6 @ 9:00am at Pam’s house.  It was discussed that items to be added to agenda for January meeting; Review of Bylaws and Voting Procedures. 

Cost of Holiday dinner – we decided to add an additional entrée from previous quote.  It will cost an additional $4 per person.  Club will pay $20 per person leaving a remaining of $23 per member to attend the dinner,


Meeting adjourned at 8:23PM

Board Meeting Minutes – 1/6/2018


Meeting was called to order at 10:00am


Attendees:  Thalia Peletis, Heidi “Scooter” Nieman, Pam Buhl, Jan Cherne, Terry Walb, JoDee Putnins and Lori Elvera


Treasurer Report, Thalia – Balances as of 12/31/2017 (Members see Treasury Reports in the Members Only Section for balances on this date).


2017 Grocery Card Profits for the year are $2976.60.  A few members only shop at Safeway, however we must have at least $5,000 in certificates for the year in order to participate with Safeway. 


Profit & Losses by events:

Local Specialty :  $-4,600.79

Agility Trial: $3,527.00

Membership Dues: $917.00

Specialty Match: $103.00


Linda is Show Chair for the 2018 Local Specialty.  Linda has been in the progress of contacting past committee chairs to see if they are willing to serve again.  She will report at the January meeting on the status and if there are any committees still needing to be filled.  If you can think of a theme/phrase for our specialty please contact a committee chair.  We are trying for a Western Theme just looking for the perfect catch phrase to go along!!


Would like to find an option for us to accept online entries for our Local Specialty.  JoDee was going to talk to Helen as she is working with her over the Agility trial and see if there is a way we can make this happen. 


Discussion was brought up regarding putting together a bid for the 2021 National Specialty.  The bid would be due in June.  The board felt favorable and would bring up at the January General Meeting for discussion of the entire membership. 


Lori tentatively reserved her club house again for the holiday party.  However, this is not a required location if the committee decides to use a different venue.


Meeting adjourned at 1:45PM



   Club Calendar of Events  


   2017 DSA Calendar of Events 


   PDF File contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) &

   club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).




   Club Meeting Location   


   DSA's primary meeting location is Natural Grocers.  


   St. Josefph's Episcopal Church is a backup if we are unable to reserve the room

   at Natural Grocers.



   Below are the location's address and maps for each:



          Natural Grocers

          4900 Kipling Street

          Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church

11202 West Jewell Avenue

Lakewood, CO 80232


Map and Directions:






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