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   When and Where


Monday, Apr 19, 2021 7:00 PM


Zoom Meeting


2021 Calendar of Events

Contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) & club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

   Upcoming Program

No Program currently scheduled

   Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Vote for DSA Local Specialty Judges
DSA Breeder Directory is now live on the website - reminder to send in your breeder listing form
Update on Awards / Fun Match / Picnic
Board meeting follows regular meeting
We need a minimum of nine (9) voting members present at this meeting for a quorum.

  Meeting Minutes

03/15/21 Membership Meeting Minutes



PRESENT:  JoDee Putnins, Pam Buhl, Bob Sencenbaugh, Debbie Sencenbaugh, Heidi (Scooter) Nieman, Jan Cherne, Julie Morris, Kimberly Labarthe, Linda Kitzman, Lori Elvera, Lynn Hunkins, Michele Schmitt, Shanan Streweler, Terry Walb, Thalia Peletis, Donna Dannen.


The meeting was called to order by President, Pam Buhl, at 7:07 p.m. via Zoom.


Officer’s Reports:

President - (Pam Buhl)none


Vice President (Scooter Nieman)  - membership application report:

Donna Buhl Mandela for associate membership

Interest:  pets

Location:  Pennsylvania

Past interests:  Showed & owned sighthounds; plans to help with the National

Sponsors:  Pam Buhl and Heidi Nieman


Recording Secretary (Donna Dannen) - none


Corresponding Secretary (Lori Elvera) - none


Treasurers Report (Thalia Peletis)

Members can view in April newsletter


Report of Board of Directors - none


Committee Reports:

Agility:  (Terry Walb)  None


Awards:  (Kris Schopfer)  None


Breeder Referral:  (Pam Buhl)  The breeder referral list is now up on the DSA website

Contact Pam Buhl for an application.

The PDF fillable form should be emailed to Thalia Peletis


Cheer: (Jan Cherne) None


Legislative Liaison:  (Pam Buhl & Lorrie McAllister):  The Pet Store bill seeking to control what people can buy and where recently passed in the Colorado Senate.   Pam will research sending a letter from the club to all the legislators in the House if it is not too late.


Local Specialty (Pam Buhl):  Messages have been sent to Helen Hittesdorf so she can find a Pee Wees and Juniors judge for DSA 2021.  That is all that is left to do before the November Specialty.


Awards Picnic:  (Linda Kitzman & Kris Schopfer)

The dates without shows seem to be June 26 or 27, July 10 or 11, and July 17 or 18.

Awards will be for the year of 2020.


2022 DSA Local Specialty:

Scooter offered to be Show Chair. Lori Elvera has also offered.


Nominations for 2022 Judges:

What is needed:  2 Regular Judges and 2 Sweepstakes Judges with a fairly large list to procure the 4 judges.


Nominations for Sweeps Judges:


1. Sean Jordan ( English Setter breeder/handler) (Scooter nominated)

2. Brenda Valetta  (Siberian Huskies, sled dog race)r (Shanan nom.) 

3. Chris Higley: (Ca., long time breeder, co-producer, San Diego Specialty) (Lori nom.)

4. Kathy Horton (same as Chris Higley & co-producer, San Diego Specialty (Linda K nom)

5. Kathleen Furlough (the Winslow’s daughter, TX) 

6. Anne Kikukawa (Austin, TX, long time Sammy breeder)  (Lori nom.)

7. Vicki Dice (Long time Sammy Breeder) (Kim Labarthe nom.)

8. Julie Beatty (DSA member, local) (Michele Schmitt nom.)

9. Bob Sencenbaugh (Past SCA President, Working Samoyed advocate; Weight Pull judge) (Donna Dannen nom.)

10. Cindy Hill or Vicki Nolte (NE, long time breeders)  (Lori nom.)



Nominations for Conformation Judges


1. Cindy Stansell  }

2. Robin Stansell  }  (Both Siberian breeders from N. Carolina; Husband & wife) (Michele Schmitt nominated)

3. Marcie Dobkin (likes our breed, pleasant, knowledgable)  (Lori nominated)

4. Shelisa Neely (enthusiastic about the breed, will come on a holiday weekend, judged sporting & herding at Greeley)  (Lori nom.)

5. Tina Leininger (Sammy breeder from PA)  (Scooter nom.)

6. Micki Polimeni (Siberian breeder/judge) (Shanan nom.)

7. Jennifer Brown (Sammy breeder/judge)  (Scooter nom.)

8. Debbie Jahnke  (Sammy breeder/judge, WI)  (Lori nom.)

9. Lee Whittier (well known judge, WA, has 4 Groups) (Michele Schmitt)

10. Nancy Simmons (TX, Great Danes breeder/judge; likes Sammies)  (Pam nom.)

11. Anne Palmer (MI, Siberian breeder/provisional judge forSammies, Jrs.) 

12. Vicki Allenbrand (KS Working Group )

13. Kathleen Carter (from Colorado, nominated for 2020)  (Linda K. nom)

14. Cindy Hutt  (CO, nominated for 2020)  (Connie nom.)


Nominations for Obedience/Rally judges


1. Julie Yamane

2. Pat Maynard


Jan Cherne offered to judge PeeWee and Junior Handling if there are no other judges nominated who can do that.


Voting will be in April using the Survey Monkey as we have done before on Zoom.







SCA 2021 Report

(Connie Rudd reported): 

· We are moving forward on the sub-committee & committee level at this point.

· There have been some great corporate sponsorships in the works for the National.

· We still need trophy donations (mainly for the 2020 Sweeps & Futurity).

· Health Clinics will be:  Eye, Reproduction, Cardiac.

· Bill Stewart & Connie will meet with Tad Weldon (from Roaring Fork KC) to sort out the problem with overflow RV parking between the Roaring Fork shows & the National overlap.

· 22 RV’s are coming in on the 16th for the Roaring Fork shows as well as the National.

· The Volunteer List has been compiled and is on the website.

· Kris & Tom Schopfer & Connie will meet with the Host Hotel concerning the banquets.

· Ways & Means’ newest product is the Sammy socks.

· We still need volunteers for the week of the National (Shanan & Lorrie are managing this.

· We have 101 members in DSA.  We need the membership to help out by volunteering for duties the week of the National.

· All DSA members should have a personal invitation to volunteer.


Barks & Growls


Jan Cherne & Thalia Peletis have been building more hiking systems for hands-free walking with our dogs (to be sold in the Denver Samoyed Rescue Store). 


There is also a new product coming out (to be revealed).  Thalia gives her thanks to Jan and Lori E. for helping with this.


Thalia is also re-stocking White Pine collars & leads for the National (and there “may” be a new color coming.



Move to adjourn:  Lori Elvera

2nded by Scooter Nieman


The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Dannen

DSA Recording Secretary