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   When and Where


Monday, Nov 20 2017 7:00 PM


Natural Grocers

4900 Kipling Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


2017 DSA Calendar of Events


Contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) & club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

   Upcoming Program

No programs scheduled

   Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Nominations will be taken from the floor for 2018 Officers and Board members.

Election of 2018 Officers and Board members

   Previous Meeting Minutes

Membership Minutes - May 15, 2017
Attendees: Pam Buhl, Thalia Peletis, Marnie Grube, Donna Dannen, Terry Walb, Sue Wangrin, Lori Elvera (acting as Recording Secretary), Rachel Paulson
Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm
Presidents Report: Pam-none

VP report: Sydney-none; needs to send a Welcome Packet to Lynn Hunkins

RS report: Heidi-none

CS report: Lori-has forwarded to pieces of correspondence from AKC to the club.

Treasurers report: Thalia-none

Board reports: None

Agility 2018: Terry- Ann Carptenter who we rent the agility equipment had suddenly passed away. Terry is going to wait and see what becomes of the arrangement, regarding the equipment.
Historian: Donna-garage is full again; having knee surgery; postpone the clean out of historian collection

Specialty 2017: Thalia-all event are approved; working on trophies/decorations; Pam has scheduled an “audition” for a new photographer who will be taking “test” photos at Pam’s house on June 10.

Programs: Terry-herding; can’t get ahold of Kathy Blu; spoke with Jim Dekeefer, if we wait till fall, dogs can get an AKC title. Will ask for further details.
Thalia-Stem Cell Therapy: will call Deer Creek
Pam-Lure Coursing: facebook page called “Zoiboyz” has information regarding the events

Rescue: Sue- Ollie has 2 potential homes, 1 family has a female Sammy, and the other family is a gentleman whose Sammy recently passed away.
·         Guidelines were presented at the meeting. The Board will review and make adjustments as needed.
·         Rachel provided feedback on Ollie’s baths.

Specialty Match: Linda- absent; Pam will call South Suburban and Foothills to check availability on parks

OLD Business:
·         CO Federal Dog Legislation: Dues renewal is in question, reason being clubs are not being provided information regarding meeting notices, minutes of their meetings, treasurers report.
·         Rocky Mountain Farmers Union founded in 1907 was discussed.
·         2018 Judges: the list of judges was sent to Helen. Pam was not sure if Helen received the email.

NEW Business: The board will review our Constitution and By-Laws; discuss our voting procedure regarding judges. Several members expressed a desire to review our current voting policy.
Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm

Board meeting followed, Board discussed the review of our Constitution and By-Laws and will review the Rescue Guidelines.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm


   Club Calendar of Events  


   2017 DSA Calendar of Events 


   PDF File contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) &

   club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).




   Club Meeting Location   


   DSA's primary meeting location is Natural Grocers.  


   St. Josefph's Episcopal Church is a backup if we are unable to reserve the room

   at Natural Grocers.



   Below are the location's address and maps for each:



          Natural Grocers

          4900 Kipling Street

          Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church

11202 West Jewell Avenue

Lakewood, CO 80232


Map and Directions:






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