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   When and Where


Monday, Nov 21, 2017 7:00 PM


Natural Grocers

Community Room

4900 Kipling Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


2016 DSA Calendar of Events


Contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) & club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

   Upcoming Program

No Program is scheduled for this meeting.

   Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Membership Meeting

Request additional nominations from the floor for 2017 Officers & Board Members


Nominating Committee (Board acted as 2016 Nominating Committee) Slate thus far:  President- Pam Buhl, Vice President - Sydney Langner, Corresponding Secretary - Andi Mast, Recording Secretary - Heidi ‘Scooter’ Nieman, Treasurer - Thalia Peletis, Board - Donna Dannen, Terry Walb, Martha Lageschulte, Marnie Grube


Discuss status of upcoming events: specialty, holiday dinner, and agility trial
Discuss other business pertinent to the club.
Board meeting to follow regular meeting.

   Previous Meeting Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes – 9/19/2016

Attendees:  Jan Cherne, Sydney Langner, Donna Dannen, Lori Elvera, Andi Mast, Rachel Paulson, Marnie Grube, Thalia Peletis, Scooter Nieman, Pam Buhl

Meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm by Recording Secretary, Scooter.

Presidents report, Martha: Not present

Vice Presidents report, Julie: Not Present

Recording Secretary report, Heidi:   None

Corresponding Secretary report, Andi:  Potomac Valley Samoyed Club sent a flyer where they are selling jewelry.

Treasurers report, Thalia:   Members may view full report in Members Only Section.

**Paid Peak to Peak Working Dog Association invoice for 2017 Supported Entry  Trophies.  This is tied an ongoing motion approved on 11/16/15 “Starting in 2017 and forward to commit up to $300 per show for supported entry trophies to Plum Creek KC and Peak-to-Peak Working Dog shows.”**Rescue expenses: Paid $200 booth fee for SCA National Specialty – to sell our fundraisers.  (We have had several bead parties lately to manufacturer some of those products!).  Paid $285 for veterinary services our permanent senior foster girl named Angel.

Board members reports:  None

Agility 2017, Terry: Waiting to hear back from Jefferson County Fairgrounds to decide if we will be able to use the facility.  Also checking on APEX facility.

Awards, Mary: Not present.

Breeder Referral, Pam:  Have received 4 requests, no puppies in the area at this time. 

Cheer, Andi:  Cards will be sent to Connie Rudd for loss of AT and thank you to Lorrie McAllister for donating some items.

Colorado Legislation, Pam/Lori: HSUS has a new name in Colorado – Colorado Voters for Animals.  Also wondering why more information isn’t being shared with individual breed clubs in Colorado, where is our money going??

Historian, Donna:  None. 

Local 2016 Specialty, Lori:  Waiting to hear back about replacement sweeps judge for Sunday.  Premium list will be out by September 28.   

Local 2017 Specialty:  Obedience; no local judge available, we will need to figure this piece out.  This will be the year of 30th Anniversary Specialty, we need to review out of state judges as it is important we continue to offer this for our exhibitors/members.  Some judges may be able to do breed and obedience?

Public Education:  None

Rescue, Andi/Thalia: A 1.5 year old girl “Piper” has been placed with a previous DSR Family!!!

Sam-O-Gram, Thalia:  Updated treasury reports and match results.


Supported Entry, Michele:  No report

Specialty Match, Pam:   We had a great turnout for the match. Thank you to all the volunteers!

Old Business:

Additional nominations were called upon to be added to the nomination slate for 2017 Officers and Board of Governors.  No additional nominations were received.   Additional nominations will also be taken at the November membership meeting before voting. 

New Business:  None

Barks & Growls;: None

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50PM



Board Meeting Minutes 9/19/2016

Attendees: Scooter Nieman, Andi Mast, Thalia Peletis, Pam Buhl, Donna Dannen, Marnie Grube.

Meeting called to order at 7:55 PM

Officers and board of governors have been nominated for 2017, additional nominations will be accepted at the November meeting before voting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57PM 



   Club Calendar of Events  


   2016 DSA Calendar of Events 


   PDF File contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) &

   club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).




   Club Meeting Location   


   DSA's primary meeting location is Natural Grocers.  


   St. Josefph's Episcopal Church is a backup if we are unable to reserve the room

   at Natural Grocers.



   Below are the location's address and maps for each:



          Natural Grocers

          4900 Kipling Street

          Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church

11202 West Jewell Avenue

Lakewood, CO 80232


Map and Directions:






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