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Lending Library

DSA Librarian 

Tom Lisec:


Loan Policy

The Librarian will have the library at each regular meeting. Items are loaned for a one month period with a written record kept of the borrower and when borrowed. If the loaned item is not returned by the second regular meeting after loaning, a five dollar ($5) fine will be assessed. If the item is lost or mutilated beyond normal wear and tear, it must be replaced.


Library Selections


A New Leash on Death.- Susan Conant - Diamond Books, 1991.

Canine Hip Dysplasia and How to Control it - Dr. Wayne H. Riser D.V.M, MS and Harry Miller - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and Hip Dysplasia Control Registry. 1966.

Denver Samoyed Association Grooming Booklet - Jane Reller, DSA Public Education, 2001 NEW!

Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis - Curtis M. Brown - Hoflin Publishing Ltd. 1986.

Dog Psychology, The Basis of Dog Training - Leon F. Whitney, D. V. M. - Howell Book House Inc. 1972.

Dog Steps - Rachel Page Elliot - Howell Book House Inc.,1975.

Everyday Dog - Nancy E. Johnson - Howell Book House Inc. 1990

First Aid Notebook - CSU Course, 2002-2003

How Puppies are Born - Virginia B. Prine - Howell Book House, Inc., 1972.

How to Raise and Train a Samoyed  - Vera Kroman - T.F.H. Publications, Inc. 1964.

How to Show Your Own Dog - Virginia Tuck Nichols - T. F. H. Publications, 1956 (Copy 1), 1969 (Copy 2).

Hutchinson on Samoyeds (The Samoyed section of Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia) - Donald R. Hoflin, 1976.

Love on a Leash - Kurt Unkelbach - Prentice-Hall Inc. 1964.

MUSH!  A Beginnerís Manual of Sled Dog Training - Edited by Charlene Bell for the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers Inc.  Fourth edition, 2007, Barkleigh Productions, Inc.

Paws Before Dying - Susan Conant - Diamond Books, 1991.

Samoyeds - Joyce Renaud - TFH Publications, Inc., 1990

Second Chance, Living with a Rescued Dog - Judy and Larry Elsden - Ringpress Books Ltd., 1994

Skijor with Your Dog - Mari Hoe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor - OK Publishing, 1991

The Complete Dog Book - (Official Publication of the American Kennel Club) - Howell Book House. 1987.

The Complete Novice Obedience Course - Blanche Saunders - Howell Book House, Inc. 1967.

The Complete Pedigree Book of American Champion Samoyeds, 1907-1971 - Strauss Printing Co., Madison WI. (Two volumes). 1975. 

The Complete Samoyed - Robert H. and Dolly Ward - Howell Book House, New York, New York, 1971.

The Dog in Action - McDowell Lyon - Howell Book House. 1974.

The Dog Lovers Reader - Edited by Timothy T. Clarke - Hart Publishing Co. Inc., New York City, 1974.

The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior - Clarence Pfaffenberger - Howell Book House. 1973.

The New Samoyed - Robert H. and Dolly Ward and Mardee Ward-Fanning - Howell Book House (A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company) 1998

The Right Dog for You - Daniel F. Tortora - Simon & Schuster, 1980.

The Samoyed - Ann Katherine Nicholas - T. F. H. Publications, Neptune City, N. J., 1990.

The Nicholas Guide to Dog Judging - Ann Katherine Nicholas - Howell Book House. 1970.

The Whelping and Rearing of Puppies - Muriel P. Lee - Plantin Press, 1983.

38TH Specialty Show of the Samoyed Club of America (Catalog) - Thousand Oaks Ca. 9-13-69.

This is the Samoyed - Joan McDonald Brearley - T.F.H. Publications. 1975.

Training You to Train Your Dog - Blanche Saunders - Doubleday and Co., 1965 (2 copies), 1952 (1 copy).

Why Does Your Dog Do That? - Goran Bergman - Howell Book House. 1973.

Your Dog, His Health and Happiness - Louis L. Vine, D.V.M - ARCO. 1974.

Videos / Audio Cassettes / CD

A Beginners Guide to Dog Shows ( 5.37 minute VHS Video) - American Kennel Club, 1993.

Breed All About It - Samoyed - Animal Planet Dog Breed Series - Rocket Pictures, 2001. NEW!

Denver Samoyed Association Event Video. (VHS)

Best Foot Forward (Obedience Handling Video, VHS) - Barbara Handler - Dane Hansen Productions, 1992.

Best Friends (15:00 minute VHS Video) - American Kennel Club, 1993.

Denver Samoyed Association Historian CD - 1996-Present

Heartworm - Dr. Doug Davies - Cassette tapes of lectures on 4-17-89 and 4-18-94.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy - Science Diet Video (VHS), 1991.

Massage Your Dog the Lang Way - Two video tapes and guide book - Jill and Joann Lang, 1998.

Mycoplasma and Brucellosis - Dr. Dennis Jordan - Cassette tape of lecture on 7-20-92.

Sams Of Early 20th Century America (15 min. VHS video) - Samoyed Club of America 1999

Puppy Puzzle (55 min. VHS video)  - Pat Hastings 1998

The Canine Good Citizen Program (VHS Video) - AKC video (VHS), 1993.

The Samoyed - AKC Videotape (VHS), 1987.

The Samoyed - AKC Videotape (VHS), 1993.


All Breed Rescue Network, 2002 - Present.

Colorado Dog Fanciers Association Newsletter, 1989 - Present.

Denver Samoyed Association Minutes and Sam-O-Grams, 1987 - Present.

Emerald Necklace Samoyed Club Newsletter, 1989.

Heartbeats, Heart of America Samoyed Club Newsletter, 1987 - Present.

Heel and Site Newsletter, 2000 - Present.

Metro Atlanta Samoyed Club Newsletter, 2002 - Present.

Minuteman Samoyed Club Bulletin, 1998 - Present.

Northern Dog News - Bastion Enterprises, Snohomish, Wash.,1966-1978.

Northern Illinois Samoyed Rescue, 1998.

PALS Rescue Newsletter, 2003.

Paw Prints, Samoyed Club of Los Angeles Newsletter, 1991 - Present.

SAMD Bulletin, Samoyed Association of Metro Detroit Newsletter, 1991 - Present.

Samibuzz (formerly SAMI), Samoyed Association of Madison Inc. Newsletter, 1989 - Present.

Sammy News, 1996 - 1999.

Sammy Tails, Samoyed Club of Austin Newsletter, 1991 - 1989.

Sam-O-Grams, Denver Samoyed Association Newsletter, 1987 - Present.

Samoyed Club of Southern California Newsletter, 1991 - Present.

SAMS, Samoyed Association of Minneapolis-St. Paul Newsletter, 1992 - Present.

Sam Sun, Samoyed Club of Central Arizona Newsletter, 1992 - Present.

Smiles, The Greater Pittsburgh Samoyed Club Newsletter, 1989 - Present.

The Scoop Newsletter, 1996 - Present

The Howler, 2002 - Present.

The WooWooWoo Review, Samoyed Club of Washington State Newsletter, 1992 - Present.


AKC Annual Reports, 1990 - 1991.

Samoyed Club of America Bulletins, 1972 - 1994.

Samoyed Quarterly, 1991 - 1992.

Sled Dog Bulletin - Sled Building plans by Raymond Thompson from The Alaska Sportsman, September 1959

Rule Books / Listings

Dog Show and Obedience Trial Judges - American Kennel Club, 1998.

ISDRA Officials Handbook - A Guide for Sled Dog Racing Officials - The International Sled Dog Racing Association, Inc., 10-21-1973 - (2 Copies)

ISDRA Race Manual - Compiled by Mel Fishback - The International Sled Dog Racing Association, Inc., June 1971 - (2 Copies)

Obedience Guidelines for Judges, American Kennel Club, 2/1/1995.

Obedience Regulations, American Kennel Club, 7/1/1997.

Regulations, Judging Guidelines, and Guidelines for Juniors- Junior Showmanship - AKC, 10/10/1989.

Regulations for Agility Trials, American Kennel Club, 3/1/1996.

Rules Applying to Dog Shows, American Kennel Club, 3/9/1999..

Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline, American Kennel Club, 1/1/1994.

Supplement to Dog Show and Obedience Trial Judges, American Kennel Club, 1997.

Tracking Regulations, American Kennel Club, 2/1/1998.

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