Denver Samoyed Association

Sammy Heritage Day


On September 9, 2001 DSA held our first Sammy Heritage Day.

 It was a day to have fun with our retired or veteran Samoyeds and celebrate the heritage of our breed.


What a perfect day it was!  We had clear blue skies, sunny and ideal fall temperatures.  For most of the picnic, many of the dogs were off lead, socializing with each other and us!  I'm sure it's been some time since some of these dogs have seen so many of their fluffy white "cousins" at one time, so they had a ball too!  Of course, we had a great time chatting with each other and reminiscing about our older companions! It was a fabulous day!


A BIG THANK YOU goes to Jan and Kent Cherne for doing such a wonderful job organizing this event! 

The park was lovely, and the sub sandwiches, chips and ice cream were simply yummy!



Standing (left to right):  Sue Wangerin with Shelley, Andi and Bob Mast with Zin, Tom Lisec with Misty and Nick, Jayne Clark with Jazz, Jan Cherne with Jamie, Nancy Golden with Baron, Sterling Clark, Linda Kitzman with Chuck.


Sitting (left to right): Kathi Metter with Ben, Julie Morris with Christy, Martha Lageschulte with Connie, Whitney Metter with Suzy, Channie Groseth, Taylor Metter, Kara Groseth, Thalia Peletis with Chanel, Colleen Groseth with Keisha, Jane Reller with Sydney, Carol Morris with Mogul.