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Agility Trial

Starting in December 2004, DSA began holding AKC Agility trials. This agility event is open to all breeds.  

View Past Agility Results

Herding Clinics

DSA periodically organizes herding clinics for dogs and their owners to learn about this event.  These clinics typically offer the chance to earn Herding Instinct Certificates and tests for herding titles.

Designated Specialty

This is an AKC-sanctioned Samoyed Puppy Sweepstakes and Regular Class conformation event held in conjunction with an All-breed club dog show. An application to hold this event is submitted to AKC. Results and plans are recorded on the host event. This event is credited as a Specialty for the club.

View Past Designated Specialty Results

Local Specialty

This is an AKC and SCA-sanctioned conformation and obedience trial exclusively for Samoyeds. DSA held its first specialty in 1993 and continues to sponsor this event annually.

View Past Local Specialty Results

Specialty Match

Each year DSA puts on a sanctioned match for Samoyeds only.  This includes conformation and obedience competition for Samoyeds 3 months of age or older.

View Past Specialty Match Results

Supported Entry with Sweepstakes

This is an AKC-sanctioned Samoyed Puppy Sweepstakes and Regular Class conformation event held in conjunction with an All-breed club dog show. Results  are recorded on the host event. However, this event is not credited as a Specialty for the club, as is a Designated Specialty. 


DSA participated in two Supported Entry with Sweepstakes: 2002 and 2003, and then switched to holding Designated Specialties starting in 2004 to present.  However, in 2009 we did a Supported Entry.


The Tournament is a competition consisting of an AKC judge, breeder judge, and other-breed person who judge each entered dog on specific criteria.  The winner is awarded a portion of the event proceeds providing their dog is shown at the National Specialty that year.


View Past Tournament Results

Colorado Front Range Dog Training Centers

Locate a training center near you, to prepare for the events shown above!  Many types of courses and drop-in classes are offered for agility, conformation, herding, obedience, and tracking.

Past Special Events

2010 Denver's 9News Parade of Lights

2010 Morris Animal Canine Cancer Campaign Benefit Walk

2002 Samoyed Rescue / Public Education Booth

Larimer County Humane Society Fire Hydrant 5K Fund Raiser

2002 Snow Dogs Education Booth
2001 Sammy Heritage Day
2001 Grooming Seminar


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