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Committee Guidelines

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Financial and activity reports are due to be turned in by the December meeting. These reports should give a detailed budget of the year of the profits/losses and expenses incurred. Also an activity report of what was accomplished, the strengths and weaknesses, and what should be continued or deleted in the future should be included.

These reports are to be delivered (in person or mailed) to the President by the December meeting. These reports are to be compiled and copies are to be given to the new Board members at the January Board meeting to be discussed and analyzed.

Any non-committee generated profits are to be included in the Ways and Means report. Members responsible for generating this income are responsible for getting a written report to the Ways and Means chairperson in a timely fashion. All monies are to go directly to the Treasurer. For example, stewarding, training classes, grocery coupons, clinics, etc.

Refer to the by-laws for spending guidelines.

Estimated budgets are due to the President by the April meeting from the new chair people These budget reports are to be given by the President to the Board at the May Board meeting. New chair people are encouraged to consult with past chairs, and/or any Board member, for guidance on their committee, including help with preparing their estimated budget. The budget should include the committee’s anticipated income and expenses for the ensuing year by taking into consideration the goals the committee wishes to accomplish. Past year’s committee financial reports may be viewed on the club web site or by requesting them from the club’s Treasurer.


All events organized by a committee are to be announced to the general membership, so all members can take part. Any form of media to be used (flyers, banners, etc.) must list the Denver Samoyed Association as the sponsoring club.

Any topics evoking general membership interest to be taking place at committee meetings (voting, judge selections, public relations, etc.) is to be published in the meeting reminder section of the Sam-O-Gram. The Sam-O-Gram Editor must have the information by the first of the month. If phone calls need to be made to the general membership, complete information must be shared amongst all members. It is suggested that a written agenda to be followed and given to all members called.

Violators of these guidelines are answerable to the Board. Guidelines may be amended by suggestions by the general membership through the Board.


Club Motions on Spending Guidelines


On 11/16/09, the Board motioned and approved the following motion:

“The [General Fund] Treasury including unsold Grocery Certificates should not fall below $10,000 without Board approval".


01/18/10 Motion: To combine the intent of these motions and update the limits for today’s conditions, the Board motioned and approved the following motion which supersedes the previous motions.


“Given our current club’s assets, our ability to raise funds fairly readily, and inflation, the following motion was approved by the Board to modify the committee spending limit guidelines as follows:


The maximum spending limit allowed without Board approval is:

1)     Local Specialty and Rescue committees – increase limit to $2500

2)     Ways & Means committee – Grocery Certificate purchases only – increase limit to $5000.

3)     All other committees remain at $500 limit.


As long as the expense does not cause the overall:

·          General fund bank balance plus grocery certificate balance to fall below $10,000.

·          Rescue fund bank balance to fall below $5000.


If the club’s asset’s decrease drastically and/or our ability to raise funds is reduced, then the spending limits will be reviewed by the Board and adjusted accordingly.”


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