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About DSA

The Denver Samoyed Association is an organization of 

Samoyed fanciers in the Colorado front range area.

DSA is a member club of the Samoyed Club of America.

DSA is a specialty breed club licensed by the American Kennel Club.

DSA members are committed to the protection and advancement of the Samoyed breed.


Club Objectives

To encourage and promote the exhibition and training of purebred Samoyeds and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Samoyeds shall be judged.

To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience trials, agility trials, and working dog activities.
To conduct sanctioned matches, specialty shows, obedience trials, and agility trials.
To educate both its membership and the public about the Samoyed breed including their care, training, and health-related issues
To assist the Samoyed breed by:
  • Providing a Breeder Referral service whereby individuals can contact and learn more about the breed, and when appropriate can be referred to responsible Samoyed breeders in the area.

  • Providing a Rescue service to assist abandoned, unwanted, or otherwise neglected Samoyeds in finding new homes. In addition, this service helps counsel owners who are considering surrendering their dogs.


DSA offers five types of memberships:
Please consult the club's bylaws for detail on each membership type:
Individual  $20/year
Family Membership  $25/year
Associate Membership (1 person in the household)  $20/year
Associate Membership (2 people in the household)  $25/year
Honorary Membership  $ 0/year
Junior Membership  $ 5/year
Note: Applicants filing for membership after July 1st of each year will be required to submit one-half of the annual dues.
If you are interested in becoming a member please:

Complete our Membership Application  (PDF-fillable document)


Contact our Membership Chairperson for further instructions.

Officers and Board of Directors

DSA's officers include president, vice president, treasurer, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, and four board members.  All positions are elected each year.

Dog Activities

DSA members engage in many types of activities with their dogs throughout the year.


Conformation.  Many club members choose to show their dogs in conformation to achieve championships and to breed their dogs for the betterment of the Samoyed.


Obedience.  More and more Samoyed owners are taking up the challenge to train their dogs in obedience.  The levels include beginners, novice, open, and utility.  Each level is progressively more difficult and involves a variety of tasks.  Various titles can be earned.


Herding.  Samoyeds were bred to be herding dogs for the Samoyede people in Siberia.  An instinct test can be administered and subsequent practice is used to train the dog for fun or competition.


Sledding.  This is a natural activity for this northern-breed dog.  They love to pull and many people compete during the winter months.  Excursion sledding is offered for those who just want to enjoy the experience.


Skijoring.  This activity involves the human on cross-country skis and the dog or dogs in harness out front pulling.  It's an exhilarating experience!  Some people compete in skijoring trials.


Weight Pulling.  With their instinct for pulling, the Samoyed is an excellent dog for this sport.  Samoyeds have been known to pull close to 2 tons.  Again, this can be done for sport or in competition.


Agility.  More and more Samoyeds are participating in this sport. It is enjoyable for the dog and a real workout for the owner.  This involves going over, through, and around obstacles set up in different configurations.  It's fast and lots of fun to participate in or just to watch.


Pack Hiking.  This is a great activity for both owner and dog.  The dog carries his own water and supplies and both get to enjoy the great outdoors.


Club-Sponsored Activities

DSA organizes and participates in many activities each year.


Breeder Referral / Public Education. The Breeder Referral service is primarily a place for individuals to get information about the breed and secondarily as a place to get referrals to a responsible breeder who has or is planning to have a litter and/or has older Samoyeds to place. Prospective Samoyed owners are not provided breeder names and phone numbers until our Breeder Referral contact has spoken with the people directly, or shared more information with them over e-mail. Our contact spends on an average about 30 minutes per call, first ascertaining that this potential home knows what is in store for them by getting a Samoyed and whether they are equipped to deal with a dog. These phone calls involve giving the potential owners information about dogs in general, Samoyeds specifically, and the pros and cons of owning and living with a Samoyed.  Explanations are provided regarding: 1) the difference between companion (pet) and show dogs; 2) the process behind the breeder's decision to place the dog as a pet or show; and 3) the reason why not every dog should be bred. Price ranges of a pet/show puppy are given, along with the qualification that there is not a set price, but that each breeder makes that decision. Lastly, information about training Samoyeds and the different training centers in the area is made available.


RescueDSA operates the Denver Samoyed Rescue committee which covers a multi-state area.  The goal is to find and place all adoptable Sammies who have been found at large or who have been given up for adoption.  In addition, several fundraisers are organized each year to support this activity.


Specialty Show, Obedience Trial and Rally TrialThis is an AKC and SCA-sanctioned conformation, obedience trial and rally trial exclusively for Samoyeds.  People from many areas come in to compete and socialize with other Sammy people.


Specialty MatchEach year DSA puts on a sanctioned match for Samoyeds only.  This includes conformation and obedience.  The conformation classes are open to Samoyeds as young as 3 months of age.  It's a wonderful opportunity for both beginners and experienced owners and Sams to practice their conformation and obedience skills!

Agility Trial. This is an AKC sanctioned agility trial for all-breeds. DSA held its first trial in December 2004 with great success. The event is planned to be held annually, starting again in January 2006 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. In an agility trial, a dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by following cues from the handler through a timed obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and other objects.


Tournament. The Tournament is a competition consisting of an AKC judge, breeder judge, and other-breed person who judge each entered dog on specific criteria.  The winner is awarded a portion of the event proceeds providing their dog is shown at the National Specialty that year.


Working Dog Events:  DSA organizes multiple clinics throughout the year to give you and your dog an opportunity to try various working dog activities including Herding, Tracking, Sledding, Skijoring, Weight Pulling and Pack Hiking.  Check our web site to find out when our next working dog event is scheduled!



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